Privacy International recognizes that your privacy program may require experienced resources to addressing these gaps and limitations, we offer a blend of services that allow your business to succeed and reduce operational risks.

Privacy-As-A-Service (PaaS)

Privacy-As-A-Service (PaaS) expands an organization’s privacy competence to create or augment your privacy program, enhance compliance, tackle risks and reduce costs.

One of the key areas in which our PaaS clients look to us for help in defining the selection criteria and operational framework for privacy and information governance technologies and the management of the bid selection through to contract.

A range of Portfolio, Program and Project Management (P3M) capabilities as well as operational management capabilities complements our bid support services and means that we can support organizations in achieving those organizational goals and successful implementation and leveraging the cost benefits through seamless integration of the technology and the business processes.

This is achieved by providing a talented consulting team to work alongside your existing privacy, security, sales, marketing and front-line staff, this enables the business to assess the long-term benefits of either recruiting, developing or augmenting your existing team and improving the management and effectiveness of your existing privacy program.

Consulting-As-A-Service (CONaas)

Consulting-As-A-Service (CONaaS) is our billability/chargeability model, either as a subscription or in the form of units. We partner to define a fixed subscription based on an agreed to number of hours, similar to a retainer. This provides value when working with management on securing budget for augmentation of resources for mid to large size projects that tend to evolve during rollout and enable flexibility to achieve the project objectives.

Another option is agreement on units of progress, which are based on a business outcome or specific delivery and that will have a fixed cost associated to it and would be based on the exact deliverable and/or perceived value of the outcome of the deliverable.

Information Governance-As-A-Service (IGaaS)

Information Governance-As-A-Service (IGaaS) is for any growing organization looking for access to consultancy to create and fulfil demand without the risk of building an expensive ‘bench’ and grow market share and revenue.

The services offered through IGaaS include:

i.            Inventorying the types of data collected and establishing a system for how to store and manage these records;

ii.            Developing privacy and information security policies that are aligned and achievable;

iii.            Adopting a written data incident response plan or playbook;

iv.            Managing the privacy and information governance vendors;

v.            Training employees to prevent and respond to data breaches and individual rights;

vi.            Timely notifying data breach victims, State Attorney General’s, Data Protection Authorities, Cyber Crime Offices, or Data Controllers or Business Partners when required in the event of a data breach;

vii.            Providing coordination of services that protect individuals affected by a data breach from identity theft and other harms; and

viii.            Regularly reviewing and updating data inventories and flows.

These services assist privacy leaders in managing compliance, through effective implementation of operational practices, metrics to benchmark and report on the program maturity, align the strategy and goals and demonstrate how privacy contributes to the business strategy and bottom line. In addition, well defined and measured metrics can be used internally to secure budgets and staffing, to evaluate compliance performance, and to diagnose program status and needs, as well as externally to demonstrate regulatory accountability and enhance customer trust.