Data Privacy, Data Protection and Information Governance Services

Privacy International, LLP Trusted advisor with over 20 years experience in privacy, data protection and information governance

Privacy Program

Consultative privacy and information governance expertise that is tailored to your business, improves compliance while expanding the use of personal data. Our services assist your business in:

    • regional or market expansion;
    • increased regulatory compliance;
    • data breach management;
    • documenting data inventories and data flows;
    • reduce risk and liability; and
    • improve customer trust 

by defining or implementing best practices for the collection, transfer and processing of personal data, enabling individuals’ rights (control of use, disclosure, access, etc.) and simplification of compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that your business has a structured and effective privacy program. We partner with organizations in all industries to help navigate privacy legislation, provide solutions, decrease liability and risks, improve consumer trust and enhance the organizations brand and reputation.

At Privacy International we specialize in mapping regulatory requirements for global privacy regulations such as the EU GDPR, the Canadian PIPEDIA, California's CCPA, the US GLBA and HIPAA, the US State Data Breach Laws, or standards such as ISO/IEC 29100:2011, and the NIST Privacy Framework (currently in draft) to your business operations.

In today’s marketplace, business must continuously update, enhance, maintain and measure their data privacy, information governance and data protection programs.

By focusing on costs vs. risks and regulatory requirements, Privacy International, LLP can define an enterprise-wide information governance program, develop incident management plans, manage a data breach, document individual rights processes, complete a data inventory or assess the compliance level of the current program.