The impacts of COVID-19 pandemic in the work place have been broad and vast. Working from home has been the norm for many. In turn this has forced greater reliance on virtual meetings, broadband connectivity, remote management and data security.

To protect customers and employees, businesses are now collecting health data to reduce their liability risks and safety consequences of the pandemic. In addition, authorities and healthcare providers have broadened the collection of health data for medical research and to develop tools to fight to the pandemic.

Why, to warrant a safe re-opening or maintain a safe and low risk environment within their business operations. This expanded collection and sharing data between public and private sectors has many Data Protection Authorities (“Authorities”) placing a spotlight on an organizations’ data protection and privacy practices.

To reduce the risk of action by these Authorities, companies must have a documented, implemented and measured privacy framework. This framework must be flexible and nimble enough to effectively meet the increasing need to use and share data in new ways.