About Us

Our privacy and information governance services are tailored to your business, to improve compliance while expanding the use of personal information or data. Our services assist your business in:

  • regional or market expansion;
  • increased regulatory compliance;
  • data breach management;
  • documenting data inventories and data flows;
  • reduce risk and liability; and
  • improve customer and client trust.
Privacy International, LLP

Whether your organization requires assistance in defining and implementing best practices for the collection, transfer and processing of personal information or data, or enabling individuals’ rights (control of use, disclosure, access, etc.) or simplification of regulatory compliance, we can assist.

The ever-changing regulatory landscape, requires a evergreen approach for managing a company’s privacy program. Your executives should be advised that a once and done approach will expose a company to increased risk of non compliance and liability or revenue impact due to the loss of customer trust.

Privacy International partners with best in class service and technology providers to reduce the administrate and resource burden by providing solutions that decrease liability and risks, improve consumer trust and enhance the organizations brand and reputation.

Core Values